My Site : Data IQ Magazine Feature 'CRM in Sports' article summarising the Green 4 hosted Beyond CRM forum My Site : Data IQ Magazine Feature 'CRM in Sports' article summarising the Green 4 hosted Beyond CRM forum My Site : Data IQ Magazine Feature 'CRM in Sports' article summarising the Green 4 hosted Beyond CRM forum My Site : Data IQ Magazine Feature 'CRM in Sports' article summarising the Green 4 hosted Beyond CRM forum

Data IQ Magazine Feature 'CRM in Sports' article summarising the Green 4 hosted Beyond CRM forum

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Following the Green 4 hosted Beyond CRM Forum earlier in 2013, Green 4 have been featured in the Autumn edition of Data IQ Magazine (

The most recent edition of the publication features a Data in Sports article 'Managing fans come rain or shine' which is then extended to provide a case study on Green 4 Client The Original Bowling Company (an Umbrella organisation for the brands Hollywood Bowl and AMF Bowling).

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