Understand your customers, grow loyalty & maximise revenues with Go

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Improve customer relationships through greater insight and a better customer experience. Go is the solution to transform your approach to CRM and data, giving you complete control of your venue.

A single platform solution, driven by CRM

Go by Green 4 Solutions

Do more with your data!

Go is the solution to transform your approach to CRM and data, giving you complete control of your venue. Specifically designed for the unique nature of sports, leisure and attractions businesses, Go will help you understand your customers, grow loyalty and maximise revenues through a joined-up approach to technology.

The transactional functions of Go, from ticketing and merchandise, to F&B and Corporate Sales, feed the exceptional CRM and Customer Loyalty platform. Go is most effective with all it’s components working together as a single platform solution. We do however understand this is not always possible and Green 4 has a huge amount of experience integrating Go with other systems.

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Go+ Managed Service

The Go+ services are a range of specifically tailored managed services that allow Green 4 customers to maximize the commercial value of their Go system. Whether a Sports or Leisure organization, Go+ provides all of the necessary resources and skills required to improve the quality of data, generate insight, manage campaigns to help you generate measurable results more quickly. Find out more about our Go+ Managed Service.

How Go can benefit your organisation

Benefits that go beyond CRM

Go will give you better control of your business operations, greater business intelligence and the ability to channel this into effective short-term customer engagement and long-term loyalty.

  • Targeted and personalised marketing
  • Engagement with your customers
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced cost of multiple contracts and complex integrations
  • Cloud solution or on premise
  • Scalable to embrace 'big data'


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The statistics speak for themselves


Revenue increase through marketing emails alone

"Through marketing emails alone, we have been able to see an uplift in revenue by 7%. We have a business that interacts with over 12.5 million customers a year and have seen an almost immediate return on our investment. With Green 4's help, we are evolving the relationship with our customers to keep ourselves competitive and at the cutting edge in the leisure marketplace."

Steve Burns
Managing Director
Hollywood Bowl
  •  Hollywood Bowl