The Snow Centre, UK’s most profitable indoor real snow centre, opened its doors in 2009 and has used technology to their full advantage since.

Since opening, the centre has experienced growth in sales and visitor numbers every year, now reaching over 200,000 slope users and over 400,000 total visitors per year. With 15,000 square metres and a 160 metre main slope, The Snow Centre is a hub for the UK Snow Sports industry, with strong BASI, Snow Sports England and disability related programmes.

Green 4’s Go system underpins the business strategy at The Snow Centre and is used throughout the business. Collection of data is strong and as a result of an early vision to ensure that customer data is correctly captured and managed, they have experienced fantastic results. The management team has been able to analyse the data to gain a deep understanding of their customers and how they interact with the venue.

The result of this exceptional level of customer insight has given The Snow Centre confidence in making bold business decisions, such as fundamental changes to their product mix. With such changes, they have ensured maximum yield during peak times.

Data analysis has also identified hidden patterns in consumer behaviour, showing potential un-tapped markets. Amazingly, The Snow Centre now have an audience of ‘Summer Skiers’ who fill the venue during their previously lowest trading period, now account for 23% of Lift Pass revenue.

At a glance

- Revenue increases of 8% YOY

- Total revenue increases of 27% since year 1

- Web sales accelerating

  • 10% average annual increase
  • 2013/14 increased by 19%

- New ‘summer skiers’ market accounting for 23% of Lift Pass revenue

- 33% increase in database size, growing at a consistent rate

- Average spend per head increased £5 per annum (44%)

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Go modules used

Business intelligence that drives new revenue streams

Business intelligence is crucial to continual improvement at The Snow Centre. The process starts and ends with data. Through placing an emphasis on the collection of good quality data from their customers, they are able to conduct detailed analysis, providing insight and a better understanding of their customers.

The Snow Centre has always focused on collecting customer data, with the aim of delivering relevant and timely information to their customers. With two key customer segments that are poles apart (Families & thrill seekers), a personalised approach to marketing is more essential than ever, in order to ensure success.

Greater yield is found from recreational slope users, making it important for peak times to be packed with the right type of customer in order to be most profitable.

Turning insight into profit

In addition to this intelligent approach to marketing activity, The Snow Centre are able to finely tune their product offering by understanding customer behaviour and spotting hidden patterns in the data.

After trialling special discounts during the quiet summer months, The Snow Centre pin-pointed a large group of new customers. Happy to avoid the winter masses preparing for a trip away, these ‘Summer Skiers’ have now become a membership group of their own, providing healthy returns in low season.

Results: ROI & business performance

The Snow Centre’s attention to detail with data collection, business analysis and clever marketing has seen a quick return on their technology investment and consistent year on year improvements in business performance.

They have seen an average increase in revenue of 8%, a total of 27% since year 1. Digital has become ever more important with web sales steadily rising at 10% YOY, before taking a sharper rise of 19% in 2013/14.

Utilising technology to support the digital consumer can help to ensure a greater level of spend per customer. With their booking system on the CRM platform, they are able to provide clever upsell and cross sell opportunities, which has made a contribution to the £5 (44%) rise in spend per head each year.

The data analysis tools have helped them to identify the new ‘Summer Skiers’ audience, which now accounts for an impressive 23% of total Lift Pass revenue.

For The Snow Centre, it is the focus on CRM and data that has enabled them to better understand their business and make consequential improvements. This not only helps them to increase the profitability of the centre, but to provide an exceptional experience to their customers.

Their customer centric approach, combined with good adoption of the right technologies has led to their delivery against the 3 key business performance metrics; increasing customers, increasing visits and increasing spend.


increase in revenues

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“We have achieved a number of year on year successes as a result of utilising Green 4’s technology. Not only does the system make us operationally efficient; but by acting on data analysis and delivering intelligent marketing activity, we have increased our revenues by 8%."

Ian Brown,
Managing Director