Case Study: Maximising systems investment at St.Helens R.F.C. by using integrated technology

St.Helens R.F.C. is among England’s great sporting institutions. One of the founding members of the Rugby Football League, St.Helens is a club enriched in tradition and in achievement; it is proud of its five Super Leagues, seven Championships, twelve Challenge Cups and four Premiership titles.

The club has made fantastic strides towards the pursuit of excellence off the field too, with the move to a state of the art new 18,000 capacity stadium, Langtree Park, as well as implementing a top class systems infrastructure.


At a glance

Strategic objectives

- Multiple systems on single platform
- Improved fan experience
- Greater customer insight

Key statistics

- 7% YOY increase in Season Ticket Holders
- Greater data capture
- 12% increase in email opens
- 41% increase in email clicks

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Go modules used

Setting the stage for continued success

Sports fans can often feel undervalued, that their club isn’t listening to them, but St.Helens have put themselves in the strongest possible position to personally connect with their supporters. Not only can they now maximise their ticketing revenue and provide more customer-oriented marketing, but the emotional bond between a fan and their club has been immeasurably strengthened. As the fan comes to appreciate that the club understands them better, so their loyalty grows from a potential customer who is interested in what the club can offer to a supporter proud to wear the badge.

Green 4 Solutions’ combined management system allows St. Helens to integrate their ticketing system across their entire customer facing service– using EPOS technology and their online store, the club shop and any other St. Helens location, including a local hotel when they were “between homes”.

Green 4 Solutions gives customers access to a unified shopping basket: they can buy the matchday ticket, the home shirt, and a rugby coaching course for the kids in one transaction, which allows the club to make relevant offers based on age, demographic and purchasing habits to fans whose relationship with the club can last a lifetime.

Peter Carter, Operations Director comments:

“There were very few, if any, systems in the market place that were able to do that [provide single shopping basket technology]. It’s meant that the club is leading the market, and that’s important to the club because it dovetails to the brand.  St Helens is a market leader, and now our shop is a market leader.  As the project went along it was obvious that some areas in the system such as integrated Food and Beverage were enhancements from what we had thought we needed from our system. In fact, Green 4 continue to present us with new ideas for increasing revenue and improving customer service.”

Benefits and future developments


Not only is the club now able to make the most of their marketing opportunities by being the one in ten, but the integrated nature of the single database system is far more cost effective than paying for multiple systems to cover all commercial channels.

The next step for Saints is to embrace the concept of lifetime value. Given their integrated platform, the obvious progression is to introduce a loyalty programme, which will allow the club to engage with the fans on a regular basis and focus attention on ‘money can’t buy’ experiences rather than discounts on products. 

Carter added “Loyalty is a simple concept for us, nothing more than a sugar coating on our CRM strategy. We can measure frequency of visits to the stadium, the time fans arrive, how much is spent on food and beverages, merchandise and any other behaviour we want to encourage. The obvious step for us is to reward this behaviour.” 

“By getting supporters to the stadium early, drinking our beer and eating our pies we can add an incremental level of revenue which is currently going to other establishments on the back of our events.”

Download PDF case study

The outcome for St.Helens


Year on year increase in season ticket sales

The system is very slick! Joined-up customer data is the lifeblood of St.Helens and that is exactly what we get from Green 4.

Peter Carter
Operations Director