The Cobbler's CRM Vision

Northampton Town play in the English Football League 2, with a capacity at their Sixfields Stadium of 7,653. The club has a clear vision of commercial success, which has been supported by Green 4 and 4Sight Sport.

In 2012 the Cobblers saw that to implement an advanced CRM and fan engagement strategy is not merely for the dizzy heights of the Premier League and, in fact, results at the lower level of the game could be achieved with immediate effect.

The club aimed to implement cutting edge technology as well as focusing their sights on an advanced CRM and engagement strategy. A core focus for 2013 was to capture fan data that would then allow them to analyse trends, improve the experience and put them in a position to achieve sustainable success.

At a glance

- 1 in 5 fans now buy online

- £80,000 generated in two weeks through CRM strategy to drive early season ticket sales

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Laying the foundations

The ability to sell tickets online was imperative and an early shift in fan behaviour has seen one in five fans now opting to buy online; lightening the load on the ticket office operations. With incentives being put in place the number of online sales is continuing to rise each month.

 As the club begin to introduce further products to the online offering, including season tickets, this percentage is certain to increase even further.

 “We set ourselves some big goals at Sixfields and are delighted with our achievements so far, even within a short space of time” said Financial Controller, James Whiting.

“We knew we had to put the right systems, people and new process in place at an early stage. Now this has been achieved we are working with 4Sight to
improve our strategy and the way we communicate with our fans.

“Our primary focusso far has been to improve the way we capture data, this is critical to everything that follows.”

Northampton Town turned to 4Sight to help build and deliver a strategy that
would ‘unlock’ the potential of the club’s systems.

The firststeps have included gaining insight from existing data, before putting a strategy together that met the goals of the club. Training and education of staff has been key to underpinning the success.

4Sight then introduced data capture initiatives including above the line campaigns, outbound communication to fans andmaximising the opportunity that was presented through a play-off final. Triggered emails have been set up for occasions such as birthdays and further engagement with fans has been established through a number of targeted and timely e-communications delivered each week.

In order to support the accelerated marketing activity, 4Sight and Northampton Town completed a data cleansing project and introduced outbound telesales campaigns to maximise sales for key campaigns; such as season tickets and corporate sales.

First steps for success

Within a matter of months, early success indicators have been posted. The objective of collecting more data has been achieved, but the foot should not be taken off the gas. An overall database growth of 20% has been achieved and has been followed up by a data cleanse and de-duplication process to ensure high quality of data. With data collection of existing fansfor improved communication being the main priority; email address and mobile phone number have been the focus, which have improved by a staggering 126% and 212% respectively.

Birth date continues to be a crucial piece of information, not only a driver for pricing, but key to ensuring the message is right for each target audience. This allows the Cobblers to execute more engaging and timely marketing, such as a successful birthday’s campaign. The amount of birth date data collected has risen by 38% which supports this strategy.

After an initial period of sales activity for 2013/14 season tickets, an accelerated CRM and communications strategy kicked in to ensure earlysales of season tickets could be achieved. This led to £80,000 revenue over a two week period.

Encouraging short term results for sustainable success

1 in 5

fans now buy online

"We set ourselves some big goals at Sixfields and are delighted with our achievements so far, even within a short space of time."

James Whiting, 
Financial Controller