Case Study: Green 4 Sports Administration for the BOA

Tracing its roots back to 1905, the British Olympic Association (BOA) selects, leads and manages Team GB at Summer and Winter Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Games and Festivals. Whether at home or away, support of the Olympic movement is
a cornerstone of Britain’s rich sporting heritage. Great Britain is one of only five countries to have been represented at the summer Olympic Games since 1896, and one of only three to have attended every Winter Olympic Games.

The Olympic motto of ‘Higher, Faster, Stronger’ may have remained fixed since first proposed in 1894, however the complexity and sophistication of competing at the Games has done anything but; delivering an ambitious medal haul for London 2012 set the BOA a task that would require a new standard of organisation and planning.

At a glance

- Supported BOA's framework for delivering Our Greatest Team

- Enabled the right information to be briefed to the Leadership team and key members of the delegation 

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Go modules used

With home advantage comes greater complexity

Home advantage presented the host nation with the best chance to deliver medal success; however, London 2012 was of significantly greater complexity than Team GB programmes required for overseas Games. Kate O’Sullivan, Olympic Programme Director at the BOA, says, “Team GB 2012 saw athlete numbers increase by almost 75% from Beijing. Our aim was to set a new standard of preparation to allow the team to perform."

Managing the smaller scale team programme at overseas Games has its challenges, but can be achieved with established project management tools like spreadsheets and project plans. “For London 2012 the BOA created a project management framework to manage and integrate the team in delivering key support services for athletes and officials. We identified the need for a scheduling and resource management solution that provided the best possible support for the framework,” says Kate O’Sullivan.

Innovation, planning and winning medals

In the run up and during the Games more than 5000 events were calendared and managed within the system, cross referencing information and helping the BOA to manage the interdependencies between people places and key assets. “For Team GB it’s not just about the 17 days from the opening to closing ceremonies. It’s about the pre-Games planning too,” says Kate O’Sullivan,.

For the BOA, Green 4 Sport Administration is a Resource Management Tool that put access to information at everyone’s fingertips.

“Using this sort of technology helped us to optimise our operations to meet the stakeholder needs. It supports us in the key objective of ensuring the athletes are free to concentrate on preparation and performance,” Kate O’Sullivan says.

“Each day we used the data in the system to undertake planning with a forward looking horizon of 48 hours. This allowed the Leadership team to be briefed with the right information, enabling the appropriate management of imminent operational activities and requirements.”

Working with Green 4, the British Olympic Association is applying innovation to drive planning and organisational performance that is quite simply medal winning.

Organising for success with Green 4

Organising for success with Green 4

Green 4 Sports Administration is modular and highly scalable, providing the flexibility to meet a range of missions for sports’ governing bodies. Event Management and Calendar modules were custom fitted to the BOA’s requirements for Team GB 2012. Green 4’s pre-built modules with integrated functionality allowed the Resource Management solution to be delivered on time and on budget.

Across 250 system users, based in the main operating centre at Team GB House, or working remotely, the solution let the BOA’s functional Teams such as Leadership, Performance and Operations share and record information in one place, in a
standard format. Through an online portal the system provided a single view of resources - people, places and key assets.

The familiar Microsoft look and feel helped users to quickly get up to speed. In a layout similar to an MS Outlook Calendar, users could see where people were, events going on at different venues and co-ordinate diaries. Filters enabled the view to be
customised. Each user can manipulate the data to see it in different views, to cut and overlay the information as required.

Download PDF Case Study

Outcome for BOA

48 hrs

Green 4 Solutions allows for a 48 hours advanced planning

"Green 4 Solutions support us in achieving our vision of setting a new standard of preparation, support and performance."

Kate O'Sullivan
Olympic Programme Director, British Olympic Association