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Who pushes your buttons?

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Are your click through rates lower than you would expect? We’ve got a simple trick up our sleeve that might just help give your rates a gentle kick from behind.

So you’ve got excellent copy, alongside some attractive images. But the key to the riddle may well be the call to action (CTA) that you’re using.

Something as simple as making sure you have a button, rather than just a piece of text for your CTA has been proven to make the difference. found that using a nicely designed button, in a clear position with some white space around increased click-throughs by 127%.

We decided to investigate this with our own e-marketing. The results were a little more modest than those we’d seen online, but nevertheless we did see an increase of 52%.

Button -test -1

Button -test -2

It’s the same piece of text, so why does it work?

Firstly, it’s no myth. People skim read emails. So making your call to action stand out is crucial.

There’s a few more reasons why a button works better than plain text. No prizes for guessing though!

Size: A button is likely to be a bit larger, making it stand out more.

Colour: Better use of colour makes it stand out more.

Whitespace: Giving a bit more free space around a button makes it stand out more.

Design: You can introduce more design elements into a button than a simple piece of text (gradients, shadows etc.), which, yep you guessed it, makes it stand out more.

Essentially, it’s all about creating a clear call to action that grabs the attention of the reader and encourages them to go a step further.




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