My Site : What makes Dynamics CRM so great? My Site : What makes Dynamics CRM so great? My Site : What makes Dynamics CRM so great? My Site : What makes Dynamics CRM so great?

What makes Dynamics CRM so great?

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Guest entry by Dynamics Feed

As we all settle into the new 2015 Spring Wave update to CRM, we at Dynamics Feed thought it would be good to look back to see how CRM 2015 has brought Microsoft Dynamics’ sales and marketing solution on from CRM 2013.

If you’re searching for the best CRM for your next event, here’s why CRM 2015 is worth your time.



CRM’s 2013 update brought us drop-down navigation from the top-banner, replacing the (now super) old navigation pane.


Once again, we had navigation updates to get used to. It’s always divisive to change something so fundamental, but Microsoft sought to win us over with their December ’14 navigation overhaul.

This time a global search box was added, along with an advance find option all accessible through the ‘hamburger button’. This means a much greater ease of use on your CRM interface when planning events.

Mobile-First, Cloud-First


One of the big stories from the 2013 update was the application of Microsoft’s re-energised mobile-first philosophy in the direction of Dynamics CRM. CRM apps were launched for a range of devices: Windows, Android and iPhones, and, of course, Windows 8 devices.


2015’s update built upon the mobile principles of the old. Azure aims to be the world’s biggest cloud service, and that means it needs top security. The mobile updates in the 2015 wave were all about fortifying cloud data.

The latest update allows you to wipe you data from one device if you lose another one. Furthermore, all CRM data can be encrypted by the Good app, helping keep your event’s information safe and secure.

Business Logic


This time two years ago, we were all happy with our new Portable Business Logic – allowing us to set new business rules, and apply logic gates and functions on the move.


Another update to this area of CRM’s functionality. We can now use the logic operations that really should have been in the first update: if/then, and the combination of and/or operations within one string.

All this means that your developer can further streamline your CRM, more accurately implementing the conclusions you draw from your analytics.

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