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The importance of knowing your customer

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Using visitor information to understand your customers is an essential component of effectively marketing any visitor attraction or venue. This very fact was highlighted some years ago by a Deloitte study on the Visitor Economy as a gap that makes up the industry’s main failures. And although it’s come a long way since that statement back in 2008, there’s still a huge amount more that can be done to take full advantage of collecting visitor information.

At each stage of the visitor journey there are opportunities for data collection, and for us to control the experience that a visitor has with us. Visitor England put together a 10 year plan in 2015, which they expect a contribution of 5% growth, year on year, simply from tailoring information at every stage of a visitor’s journey.

The benefits are pretty simple. Firstly, increased information means you can learn more about the way your customers interact with you and fine tune your experience and your marketing strategy according to this extra business intelligence. Then there’s the ability to directly market to people. Instead of investing in large above the line campaigns, you can start to have a conversation with your customers and tailor the message to suit them individually. You’ve heard it before, but the ability to get the right message, to the right person, at the right time has become a distinct reality, not just something in a marketing textbook.

We’ve had a look at the differences between knowing your customer (using customer information) against not knowing them (not collecting customer information).

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