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Responsive email marketing

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Responsive email marketing templates

The Google trend for responsive web design (that’s web development that creates dynamic changes to website appearance, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to display it) shows a first rise in 2011, gaining real traction in 2012 and 2013.

It’s pretty safe to say that responsive is now here. And with the amount of internet enabled devices on the market, from an array of smart phones, tablets and games consoles, you’re going to be left behind if your website is not responsive. Now this is established… what about email?

Why responsive email marketing design?

66% of emails are read on a mobile device. That’s according to Movable Ink, just one of many resources. The reality is, the stats vary depending on the target audience, industry and where you source your information. Email Analytics from Litmus showed 68% of Gmail and Yahoo! users’ opens occur on a smartphone or tablet.

If you’re after more stats, there’s tons available in this blog by here

The point is this. There is a huge audience of people using mobile devices to view your emails. That’s a fact. So, to be more effective in your conversions, to improve your customer experience and get your message heard, you should be doing your best to make your emails look as dazzling on mobile as they do on a PC.

Your emails will be more engaging to the reader, your click through rates are likely to rise and you’re brand will be portrayed more positively.

If you’re a user of Go by Green 4, it’s great news. We are issuing some slick responsive templates for you to get using right away. There will be more coming soon too! We are working on a variety of templates so there should be one to meet your needs, but if you want something more bespoke, our sister company, 4Sight Sport & Leisure, are always happy to help out!


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