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Why marketing automation is more than a passing craze

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Working in the marketing world, you’ll have no doubt come across the buzz word – ‘marketing automation’. Like many things, it might sound like a good idea, but what you’re probably thinking is: what can it really do?

Why Marketing Automation is more than a passing craze

Whether you’re a start-up attraction with a marketing team of one, or a larger company, you’ll always want to optimise your efficiency. Not all marketing should be automated, but there are many examples where an automation will not only improve efficiency, but will ensure relevant content is delivered at the appropriate time.

Our advice would be to think big, but start small. Begin by thinking about what regular processes and marketing communications you have, as well as the ones you know you should have but just don’t get time. Then analyse them and see if you can set them up to run of their own accord. Some simple starting points could be a birthday email, a registration anniversary email, or a scheduled report to update you on marketing activity performance.

Marketing automation platforms are fantastic for helping you automate marketing processes and centralise marketing activity. But if you want to take your marketing automation experience to the next level, you must ensure you have integrated systems that give you a total view of your customer and allow you to make use of your data. It’s the data that is key to successful automations.

Once you have some simple automations up and running, you can begin dreaming up your full new customer journey automations or post-visit communication flows.

1. Marketing reports at your fingertips

Measure and fine tune your marketing campaigns by receiving detailed marketing reports. Statistics reports provide a clear view of all the marketing activities and can be customised for specific marketing campaigns and timeframes. You can also receive immediate information on marketing campaigns 24/7. Marketing automation gives you a complete picture of your marketing campaigns whenever you want it.

2. Getting personal

No one likes receiving impersonal, poorly timed, or just completely irrelevant and boring emails. As a marketer, you’ll understand this concept – but putting it into practice can be a challenge. Marketing automation can trigger messages based on behaviour and make sure email content is relevant to the audience.

3. Assist the sales team

Marketing automation can save the sales team a lot of time. For someone working in sales, there’s no bigger waste of time that pursuing a lead that isn’t willing to make a purchase. It’s frustrating business. However, once the lead has been attracted, usually to a website, make them stay – be informative, entertaining and engaging. Marketing Automation, along with CRM, can make sure the leads that get delivered to your sales team are warmed up and ready to make a purchase.

4. Easy peasy

Marketing automation is simple, even for people who are not technically in the know.
Green4’s Marketing Automation module, built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, makes setting up and modifying marketing automations easy and reliable. Using the drag and drop designer, you can quickly build simple or complex automations without the need for any coding or design experience.


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