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Reflecting on the Leisure & Attractions ThinkTank

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We woke up this morning feeling enlightened by the fascinating conversations that took place at Green 4’s head office yesterday at the Leisure & Attractions ThinkTank.

The day kicked off with great energy and a lesson from Gordon Seabright on just how much the Eden Project has to offer. Much more than just something to tick off the ‘bucket list’ with a huge diversity of people who come in contact with Eden for a whole host of reasons. Clear audience segmentation and getting the right message to the right person is clearly high on the agenda for Gordon with so many different audiences and messages to communicate.

As we learned more about the online and offline experience at Eden, the conversation moved towards a customer experience angle, looking at pre and post visit communications, but also discussing the fine line that exists between in-venue technology use and how it can either enhance or detract from the customer’s overall experience.

The afternoon was opened by James Cox, who described some of the challenges faced at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and showed how the park had been revolutionised (whilst keeping traditional values) to meet the needs of their two key audiences, Thrill Seekers and Families. With use of CRM and a smarter approach to communications, the Pleasure Beach are experiencing increased sales, 60% of which are now through the online channel. Naturally there exists a challenge with queuing at the Park, which sparked some further interesting discussion in the room. A challenge that is obviously fairly common.

The day was rounded off really nicely with some examples of best practice from the Snow Centre’s Ian Brown. Having adopted CRM from the early days of their venue opening in 2009, the Snow Centre have been able to fine tune their operations along the way, seeing some strong results. One of the main take aways for us was how Ian uses the insight from his data in order to shape the business strategy. Being brave with using insight has allowed them to shape their product mix, increasing the length and yield of their peak season. Using a membership offering as a catalyst they are even creating a new summer ‘peak’ with a brand new audience of summer skiers.

Thanks to everyone that attended and a special thanks to our three speakers who each shared some fascinating business stories and sparked really interesting conversations.




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  • Reflecting on the Leisure & Attractions ThinkTank

    Cornwall’s world-famous visitor attraction, the Eden Project has announced an exciting new development to their customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities by extending the scope of technology provided by Green 4 Solutions.

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