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6 CRM Tricks That Will Give Your Venue A Treat

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It’s one thing having a sophisticated system to facilitate your CRM activities, however fine tuning the technology to meet your specific needs is what will help you get even more out of your marketing campaigns and add to your bottom line!

In the same way that a smart phone becomes infinitely more powerful once you install some apps and take the time to understand how to ‘make it your own’, some simple customisations and a deeper knowledge of how to utilise the tools available within CRM will help you to extended its benefits to your business.

Here’s six tricks to consider that might help you to further utilise the tools at hand…

1. E-Marketing Automations

The first trick hiding up CRM’s sleeve is simple e-marketing automations. Use workflows to automate communication around key dates, such as customer birthdays, first visit or sign-up anniversaries and welcome emails. Read more on this in our workflow processes blog here.

2. Customised CRM Views

The second wave of the wand brings customised CRM views for quick access to the information you need. You can easily create custom views in CRM using the Advanced Find function and clicking Save As, then you can customise the way the data is shown; order, column size etc.

3. Custom Built Dashboards

Third on the list of tricks is custom built dashboards. CRM allows you to create dashboards to display commonly needed reports, charts and pieces of information within CRM. Now it’s all in one place it’ll save you time on a daily basis. Custom charts can be created against each entity, combining this with custom views will show your data in a new light. 

4. Increased Customer Satisfaction

A prime benefit of using CRM is obtaining better customer satisfaction. This is achieved through personalised communications, using the data within CRM to fine tune your messages. You can even personalise an email subject line (see our blog on this here). 

5. Use a Different Name to CRM

When talking to your staff, consider not calling it CRM. Sounds crazy, right? We’ve found that sometimes referring to a CRM project as ‘C.R.M.’ can scare and prevent buy-in from key personnel within the business. You could try referring to your vision as a customer engagement or experience programme rather than CRM (read our blog on this here).

6. Easily Clean Data

Finally! Clean your own data. If you want to update a number of records at once you can export to excel (making your file available for re-import), edit the data until your heart’s content and then simply re-import it. Spookily, you’ll have a bunch of cleaner data in CRM ready to be put to good use.


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