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5 considerations for Data Protection

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Data protection is an issue that affects a large handful of organisations. If not handled properly, it can have lasting effects on the company’s reputation and their relationship with customers.

Today is the EU Data Protection day (28/01/2014) which is a reminder of how important data protection is for any organisation.

We have compiled a list of several security tips below which will provide you with some help on how best to protect your organisation’s data and information. This in turn should help protect your business reputation, and prevent you from being susceptible to a fine from the information Commissioners Office.

Read the Data Protection Act 1998

It is essential that you are following the current framework of the DPA. Although the law is due to be updated, it is surprisingly user friendly and contains eight data protection principles.

Keep staff informed

Be sure to train staff on how to deal with confidential data properly and monitor their behaviour. Remember, a high percentage of fraud is committed by people within the organisation. 

Destroy data properly

Be careful when getting rid of confidential information as it can lead to being leaked. Make sure you shred all your confidential paper waist or put it in a confidential waste bag.

Think security

Businesses are under an obligation, under the DPA, to put in place adequate security measures to protect data against security breaches. Given the increasing prevalence of cybercrime resulting in the loss of personal data, this is critical.

Implementing policies

Clear and up-to-date policies and procedures are important as is the training of staff who handle and store data, specifically marketing, sales, customer relations and HR departments need to know the rules as well as the IT department.


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