My Site : 5 Aces to help you exceed par for fan engagement My Site : 5 Aces to help you exceed par for fan engagement My Site : 5 Aces to help you exceed par for fan engagement My Site : 5 Aces to help you exceed par for fan engagement

5 Aces to help you exceed par for fan engagement

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It was all smiles in the warm up to the 2015 Masters yesterday, with 5 Aces in the Par 3 Contest! As we’re all getting pretty excited for the tournament to get underway today, we thought we’d talk about 5 ace tips for fan engagement that will exceed expectations.

Number 1. Encourage social media activity

Everyone engages online in today’s world and in order to properly engage our fans, we must join them, not just use these tools to force our sales message on people. Encourage fans to share their experiences with one another and help to take the in-venue experience outside the venue. We saw a fantastic example of this at the SEAT Conference in London last month, where the Ryder Cup invested heavily in Wifi infrastructure and removed the course ban of mobile phones in order to encourage fans to share their experience online.

Number 2. Remember the experience is a constant

Yes, we need to ensure that fans have a fantastic time when they visit our venues, otherwise they wouldn’t want to come back. But remember not to lose sight of the bigger picture. The ‘Fan Experience’ is about every interaction someone has with our brand and the more we fine tune the little pieces that are involved in completing that big picture, the better their overall experience will be.

Number 3. Engage your sponsors

Sponsors aren’t just a logo on a shirt or the name of your stadium. Engage sponsors in other things you do, from email campaigns to competitions. They’re even a sure fire way to improve the event day experience with give aways or activities that are great fun for the fans and increase the return for the sponsor. A win for everyone.

 Number 4. Think customer first

A customer first approach is a winning one, but it needs to start with your decision making. Whenever coming up with new ideas, making strategic decisions, changing your booking process or website, always go about it from a customer point of view first as the user experience is key.

Number 5. Collect feedback

You can always improve! Remember to collect campaign feedback across everything you do. Feedback doesn’t have to be the classic annual fan survey either. It comes from data analysis, surveys, focus groups or even just a bit of good old people watching can sometimes highlight an area for improvement.


That’s all for now folks. We hope you enjoy the Masters!


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