My Site : My Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Data-Driven Email Marketing – Part One My Site : My Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Data-Driven Email Marketing – Part One My Site : My Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Data-Driven Email Marketing – Part One My Site : My Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Data-Driven Email Marketing – Part One

My Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Data-Driven Email Marketing – Part One

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Email marketing is one of the most widely used and most effective ways for companies to reach their customers. The total number of worldwide email accounts forecast to be in use by 2018 is a staggering 5.2 billion – so there’s never been a more crucial time to hone the way you communicate with your customers.

Having said this, the reach of email marketing has declined over recent years due to a mixture of the sheer volume of emails being received by consumers and the use of email spam filters. Therefore, without an effective email marketing strategy you face the challenge of not only engaging your subscribers, but reaching them too. If you are underwhelmed at the results generated by your email marketing campaigns, then consider tweaking your strategy using my data-driven email marketing techniques – after all engagement is key.


1.      Personalise where appropriate

Personalisation can help build the relationship between supplier and consumer, but only if conducted in a meaningful fashion. Due to the wide range of phishing, identity theft and fraud scams out there, some consumers are wary of emails that only have first name personalisation. A more effective way to personalise your emails could be to combine name personalisation with other data such as location or previous purchase history.


2.      Test your subject lines

Test the effectiveness of your subject lines using the following methods:

  • Develop a hypothesis to test
  • A/B test subject lines by creating two copies of each communication and randomly splitting the audience in half
  • Track all data on email campaigns for reporting and comparison
  • Keep in mind that what works well for certain email marketing campaigns might not work so well for others
  • Adjust your subject lines accordingly to keep them fresh and up-to-date with the latest subject line trends (E.g. use of emoji’s, personalisation, etc.)


 3.      Monitor your send times

I have found that the best email engagement rates tend to be achieved during the morning/early afternoon time (9am – 2pm), with the peak time being around 10:30am. In terms of email engagement, it is most optimal to send email campaigns on weekdays when compared to weekends.


4.      Give the recipient something free - and meaningful

Giving the reader a free piece of useful information or content reduces the friction involved in initially engaging them or try drawing the reader in by advertising free to enter contests or giveaways.

Some key considerations are:

  • Create specific landing pages for each of your special offers, allowing you to monitor engagement
  • A/B split test various offers to gain insight into which giveaway generated the highest open and click rates
  • Develop email campaigns based around your subscriber’s particular giveaway product interests


 5.      Optimise for mobile

It is essential for all email marketing campaigns to be fully mobile responsive and mobile optimised.

My tips for being effectively mobile optimised:

  • Make your email templates 1 column
  • Increase font size for better readability
  • Make the call-to-action obvious and easily clickable
  • Put clickable elements of the email in the centre of the screen
  • Optimise for retina devices
  • Keep subject lines short and snappy, ideally below 30 characters


Look out for the second part of my blog next week to find out the rest of my tips.


James Moorhouse is a Go+ Account Manager at Green 4. He works with Green 4 clients to develop their data-driven email marketing campaign strategies.


At Green 4 we enable our clients to utilise data to build improved fan and visitor relationships and create compelling digital journeys across the sport, leisure and attraction industries. Our combination of an innovative single platform, CRM led, technology solution and range of specialist services will empower you to put your fans and visitors at the heart of your business. As your partner, we are committed to your success and focused on delivering results using cutting edge, insight led strategies.


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