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Five Tips to Boost CRM User Adoption

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Poor user adoption is consistently cited as the main reason why CRM projects fail to deliver their desired results.

For any CRM system to be considered a success it must meet the needs of the end user and in this post we’ve listed our top 5 recommendations for ensuring user acceptance. 

1. Involve Users from the Start

Unfortunately, it’s human nature for people to resist change, often due to fear of the unknown, fear of more work and fears about changes to daily routines and tasks that they’re comfortable performing.

Involving end users early on will remove the dreaded fear factor, avoid any uncertainty and provide an opportunity to quell rumours. Follow our three golden rules for guaranteed success:

  • Always demonstrate the benefits
  • Always ask for user feedback to ensure the solution is refined and fit for purpose
  • Always keep users updated on changes

Always remember, you purchased your new shiny CRM solution for the end user, and therefore it’s important to consider their opinions. By doing this, you will turn the unknown to known, reduce uncertainty, clarify misunderstandings and promote support for the decisions made.

2. Choose a CRM Ambassador

Appoint a person in your company who is an ambassador for CRM. This person can be responsible for creating routines and guidelines, ensure data quality, and providing knowledge basis if they have questions or are doing something wrong.

This person needs to be an expert in the system, a CRM advocate, and an all-round good guy.

3. Make the New CRM System Easy to Use

Implementing new CRM solution should make life easier, not harder. Make sure you select a solution to reflect the way your users work and not the other way around.

In our experience, we’ve found users hate interfaces cluttered with irrelevant information – keep it clean and simple to ensure the customer journey is kept high.

4. Invest Time Training Your Employees

STOP! Don’t ever cut that training budget. Why would you invest thousands of pounds configuring and implementing a new solution and then cut back on funding to train users on how to actually use it?

But don’t worry, the training team at Green 4 Solutions regularly offer free to attend training workshops for all CRM users, aimed to broaden knowledge and application of our Go Solution. How about that for service…

5. Measure Progress and Reward Users

Review how your employees have used the CRM system and think about rewarding those who use it like true CRM warriors. We found an internal reward system is a great way to get everyone moving in the same direction.

You could review how many outbound calls your sales executive has registered in the system, how many new contacts they inputted into the system, quality of data inputted (e.g. have they added a postcode, date of birth, email address?) or leads converted to sales. 

CRM User Adoption Conclusion

Implementing a successful end user adoption strategy takes time, commitment and resources.

Green 4 Solutions has worked with many leading organisations, therefore, we have the expertise, resources and solution to ensure the success of your CRM investment.

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