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Segment Your Audience Like a Boss!

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I am not the same as you. You are not the same as the person sat next to you. Our interests, preferences and desires are all different. Therefore, why would you ever deem generalised, mass marketing as acceptable?

Let’s think about the messages we are sending to our customers and make sure they are getting the information that is relevant to them. In this blog I am going to look at a few ways we can segment our customers.

What is segmentation?

Segmentation is simply the division of a database into numerous different groups based on the same characteristics e.g. gender.


Ok, so a pretty obvious starting place. Group your data by their gender, age, address or marital status. Let’s be honest, most adults have different likes and dislikes to children!


Segmenting customers by their transactional history is a really good way of making sure you’re sending them information you know they’ll be interested in. If a customer has previously purchased a home shirt or tickets to a specific exhibition, then this can serve as a pretty good indication of what they’re into!

Why not set up some basic marketing automation too? Prepare an upsell message that automatically sends when a customer purchases tickets to their favourite event.

Look at this example from Leicester City Football Club being sent to all shirt purchasers…

LCFC Segmentation Blog


If you can begin to understand a customer’s behaviour, a whole new dimension to segmentation could be open to you. Take sport as an example; if you can understand whether a fan is coming to the match because they are an avid supporter or whether are just like going socially with a group of friends, then way you would speak to them would differ quite dramatically. Surveys are a great way to really delve into a customer’s behaviours and attitudes towards your product.

Email click stream analysis is also a good way of understanding a customer’s behaviour. For example, a monthly newsletter might be sent out with different promotional stories. The audit data you get back from this email will allow you to segment and target groups of customers based on what they have clicked on and interacted with.

Personalised Marketing

There are few better feelings than someone taking into consideration your needs and preferences. Speak to your customers about things you know they’re interested in and take to personalise the message – this is key! For example, use the customer data you have to personalise your message.

“Bob, it’s time you renew your season ticket. We have your seat 112, in row G, block 4 all ready for you!”

Here, you’ve segmented your audience, targeted the customer with a relevant campaign and personalised the message.

Customer/Fan Score

At the recent Summer ThinkTank event I listened to Tom Rowell, Head of Brand & Marketing at Birmingham City Football Club discuss a concept called Fan Scoring. With the help of CRM and data experts 4Sight Sport & Leisure, Tom has implemented the next level of segmentation. All fans are given a score based on a number of different elements such as ticket spend, retail spend, data quality, email engagement and corporate sales spend. A supporter with high level of data quality would be given more points than someone with low data quality.

This type of data analysis allows Tom to segment easily and effectively and target people based the score they have had attributed.

BCFC Segmentation Blog

Contact 4Sight Sport & Leisure for more information on Fan Scoring: click here

For information on how Green 4’s CRM driven solutions can help you segment, dissect and target your customers, please contact us at or +44 8455 088 149.



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