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What Is a Single Customer View?

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“I need to get a single view of my customers”. A statement you hear in our industry almost every day, but what do people mean when they say they need to get a single view of their customers? In the words of Experian, the single customer view (SCV) is a defined as;

‘a SCV is a single, consistent, accurate and holistic view of your organisation’s customers, prospects and their data.’

So…what is a single customer view again?

In my eyes a single customer view is simply the ability to collate as much customer data into a single database as possible (address, DOB, purchase history, attitudes) to fully understand the needs and demands of your customer.

In this blog, I’m going to outline just a few of the most effective ways to achieve this sought after, single customer view.

1. Joined up business systems

Having many disparate systems in any organisation makes it almost impossible to achieve a single customer view. As I stated previously, a single customer view is the collation of ALL customer data, not just contact data or transactional data in isolation. Having operational systems such as ticketing, retail, F&B, corporate sales joint up and built on one platform is the most effective method to getting a single view of your customers. Collecting the data from these different sources and managing it all on one platform is surely an easier process than trying to slice and dice data from 5/6 different systems?

2. Constant data collection

A single customer view is only realistic if the data an organisation collects is current and as up to date as possible. Therefore, ensuring the customer has the ability to update and add more data is vital to creating a true single customer view. Update your details campaign, online account portals and preference managers are just a few examples of how to keep your customer data relevant and up to date.

3. Data analysis tools

It’s one thing actually collecting all this customer data but having the tools in place to effectively make sense of it is another thing entirely. Once the data has been collected, so many marketers will just sit back and admire their new, grand database. The hard work is in making sense and understanding it. Having the tools and resource in place to be able to utilise the data is imperative to achieving the single customer view. Check out Green 4’s sister company, 4Sight and how they can help with your data analysis.

4. Patience

Getting a single view of your data won’t happen overnight. It takes time to collect, manage, understand and utilise the data so don’t be disheartened if you don’t think you have achieved a single customer view after day 1. Be patient and work with all departments within the organisation to ensure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet – the results will be worth it! 

For information on how Green 4’s single platform solutions can help you achieve the all-important single customer view, please contact us at or +44 8455 088 149. 


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