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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Flows: Email Marketing Made Easy

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Flows are an amazing tool. They allow for simple, or complex automation of tasks within Dynamics CRM that can make an incredible difference to an organisation. Once they’re established, they will work away in the background, completing tasks whilst you concentrate your efforts on other things.

As luck has it, they go hand in glove with the Go eComms module (email and SMS), allowing for the automation of marketing campaigns. This gives our customers a great opportunity to get creative with their marketing, ensuring timely delivery of targeted messages, all happening whilst we wander over to the coffee machine thinking about the next big idea for our strategy (or who’s playing football at the weekend).

What Sort of eCommunications Can Be Triggered with Flows?

You can set up something as simple as an e-birthday card within minutes. Once created, it will be triggered each day to those customers whose birthday it is. Just the same with an SMS message, which although provide a simpler message, pull read rates of over 90%. Make it a relevant message to the individual, appropriately timed and you’re on to some healthy response rates.

We can get a whole lot more complex than that too. Targeting a variety of customer profiles with different messages, triggered by different transactions, visits to the venue, membership levels and so on.

Customer transactions, event invitations, venue entry time, membership renewal dates and customer chosen preferences are all great pieces of data to build a Flow around.

How Do You Build Flows Within Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

The following example walks you through the set-up of our most commonly used and simple flow, the birthday email.

Step 1. Create and Publish Your Ecommunication as a Flow

Step 1

Step 2. Create a Communication Audience to Add People With a Birthday Today

The audience is a dynamic data query which will give live data based on the time of use. The image below shows the audience for everyone with a birthday – you can however use multiple audiences to target differently designed emails to different customer segments. Adults and juniors for example.

Step 2

Step 3. Create a New Flow Process

In the settings section, select ‘Processes’ and click ‘New’.

When you create the Flow use the settings as we have done below.

Step 3

The images below show you the settings required at each stage. Make sure you select the options Available to Run ‘As an on-demand process’ and ‘As a child process’. 

Stepp 113


Next, click the ‘Add Step’ option to add the appropriate steps in your Flow. Then, using the dropdown bar, select the following ‘add audience to communication’:

Step 11

Set the following properties:

Step 5

Finally, add one further step ‘Wait Condition’ and select ‘Timeout until 1 Day after Process-Execution Time’:

Step 9

Step 4. Click to Activate The Campaign

Go to your Communication Audience to trigger the first campaign. Open the Audience and select ‘Run Workflow’: 


Step 10

Once you have started the Flow it will run every day automatically until you stop it.

Quick Summary

Warning! Please be careful when using Flows. If incorrectly set-up you can cause a different outcome than expected!

If you have an idea for automation or would like to find out more information on how your business could use Flows, get in touch with Green 4.



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