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Receiving the UK’s highest business accolade

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I speak for all of us when I say that we are truly honoured to have received the Queen’s Award! To be recognised with the UK’s highest accolade for business is certainly not one of the goals we set out to achieve, but it’s certainly made us stop and reflect on our journey so far and how we can continue to improve and exceed customer expectations both in the UK and abroad.

Over the last three years what has really come in to sharp focus is the difference we can help make for our customers business. Why? Simply because consumer data has become significantly more important in generating revenue. Blanket advertising is gradually being replaced by personalised, informed communication to the PC, tablet and mobile phone. This is relatively simple to achieve if you are an online trader such as Amazon, but for sports and leisure organisations with so many customer touch points, gathering the all-important insight is more of a challenge. Our single platform solution allows consumer facing businesses to achieve this.

What has really amazed us is how this message resonates internationally. It is testimony to our UK customers that the rest of the world has shown such strong interest in what we are doing and wants to achieve the same.

Our long term partnership with Microsoft has allowed us to build a solution that is both scalable and can be deployed in up to 42 languages. With our systems deployed in 15 countries I guess there is plenty of scope for further growth!

What delights me more than anything is that the vast majority of the staff that began this journey with us in 2006 are still with us, and have thrived in a challenging yet exciting working environment.

We took a decision some time ago to recruit junior staff directly from University or through Apprenticeship Schemes wherever we could, and this has paid huge dividends with a motivated, hardworking and loyal team.

It does give me great pride to reflect on our progress so far on this sunny bank holiday Monday, but looking ahead the future looks even more exciting. It feels we have worked hard for 8 years just to get to the start line. The age of data is only just upon us, and with the whole world seemingly “always online” I can only imagine that the hunger for customer data intelligently being converted into actionable insight will continue to grow.



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