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The Advantages of Using an Email Preference Portal to Manage your Email Subscribers

In my previous blog, I outlined the process for effectively managing your email subscribers. As I mentioned in that blog, engaged subscribers are vital for your email marketing campaigns to be a success. However, increasing your engaged subscribers isn’t the only advantage that comes from using an email preference portal.

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How Having Good Quality Data Helps Your Digital Marketing Campaigns to Succeed

When it comes to digital marketing, the actions of a sports club or visitor attraction are only as good as the data they hold. If marketing communication campaigns are based on inaccurate fields within visitor and fan databases, this could expose clubs or visitor attractions to issues such as increased costs, poor reputations and risk of losing visitors and fans.

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Data-Driven Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is one of the most widely used and most effective ways for companies to reach their visitors and fans. The total number of worldwide email accounts forecast to be in use by 2018 is a staggering 5.2 billion – so there’s never been a more crucial time to hone the way you communicate with your fans and visitors.

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